Sunday, June 15, 2014
            Gangsterism, as defined by the oxford dictionary by the root word gangster: A member of a gang of violent criminals. Whereas the act whether involving bullying with brute force or verbal abuse is considered one of the many social plagues that has infected our morality throughout the ages. It is not uncommon result to have on a survey whether anyone has encountered such events of gangsterism in their lifetime, be it in pre-school even in the workplace.

             What may seem like harmless bullying to some, it is regarded distasteful for our society to be plague by such trivial brotherhood that brims with hatred towards others. Malaysia is no stranger to this pandemic. With the recent case of female school students ganging up on one student in particular, pulling her hair, punching, kicking and screaming verbal abuse, it has become evident that this plague has worsen. With cases of students disrespecting their elder, to the point of punching him in the face, we have to ask ourselves, where do we trace back the source of such behavior?

             Stories of bullying have become rampant in social media. It’s hard to go by daily without any updates on gangsterism, bullying and misconduct. Technology itself has become a tool, a tool to spread such behavior. To the young, perhaps it is in their mentality as to show off prowess that they record their bullying and later parade it to their friends. But then again, they should not take the blame. Indeed many say that the students these days are becoming wilder due to parents spoiling them, to the point of defending them by threatening to sue the school. It is worrisome that parents have become too involved in the students’ lives that they believe whatever they are told, regardless if there is any truth to it. This is indeed a pandemic, a pandemic that gives students power to misconduct in school.

              On that note, we can see the relation of gangsterism between parents and the school. Is it not considered bullying to sue the school for their children’s misconduct? Methods of disciplining children have been skimmed down due to many complaints yet when their children behave badly; it is yet again the school that is at fault. Their behavior might as well reflect the behaviors of the parents. With the recent political endeavors; we can summarize that the fruit does not falls far from the tree. During the PKR (Parti Keadilan Rakyat) internal polls, reports of flying chairs were evident. The many misconduct of their internal election was everywhere, be it social media or mainstream media. There were reports of fighting and vote tampering, yet they are all considered sane adults. Adults who can think wisely and make decisions themselves. The Teluk Intan election too was marred by reports of threats and gangsterism. Are we not a developing country? Must our reputation still be disgraced by such folly?

          Taking politic into perspective, many NGO have entered the arena to cry foul on the current political stage. Yet, where are they when their members attack police officers, rampaging the streets of Kuala Lumpur with their cries of revolution and clean election? Where are they when the internal election done by PKR was discredited by reports of vote tampering, fighting and many more? Where were they when lies were told to discredit the ruling government such as blackouts and imported Bangladeshi voters were proven not true? Are they truly fighting for clean elections or only garnering attention by standing defiance against the current ruling government, putting a blind eye on their member’s misconducts?

               The sports arena does not stray far from these behaviors. What started as a clean fight between two teams ended up with brawling of their fans unsatisfied of the results. The recent fighting between football fans at Stadium Tan Sri Hassan Yunus, Larkin, has many argue the safety of others who just came to watch the match. The behaviors of those who are obsessed with their football teams reflected badly upon the state the team represents. Shouting vulgarity and throwing firecrackers at the field, it really does say a lot about the mental state of our fellow countrymen. Sanity is no longer virtue shared by all. 

              Truly there is no peace to be enjoyed if we continue to let such behaviors plague our country. Gangsterism does not focus on a certain age group or political party; it is a plague that has infected everybody regardless of status. Let’s look back and reflect on one self and make a change, for you can’t change the perspective of the world if you don’t start with yourself. Report any form of bullying. Let’s make the world a better place to live in. 

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